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Some of my favourite Zulu War publications.

This selection of books is provided by my mate Gary a Zulu War enthusiast. Some of these may be hard to find but are recommended by Gary as some of the essential reading on the Zulu War. Thank you mate for compiling this very useful list, uSuthu! my friend. 9/2/15


Hill Of The Sphinx ; F.W.D.Jackson.

 Isandlwana 1879 Sources Re-examined F.W.D.Jackson

 Zulu War Journel Of Henry Harford ; Daphne Child

 Campaigning In South Africa & Egypt ;W.C.F.Molyneux

 The Boiling Cauldron ; Huw M.Jones

 The Zulu War Then And Now ; Ian Knight

 The Glamour And Tragedy Of The Zulu War ; W.H.Clements

Select Documents - A Zulu War Source book ; Keith Smith

 Local General Orders Relating To The AZW Of 1879 ( A 5 Size ) Keith Smith

 Lord Chelmesford's Zulu Campaign 1878 -79 ; J.Leband ,

A Civil Surgeon - Serving With The British Army In The AZW , Diary Of Lewis Reynolds

Black Soldiers Of The Queen ; P.S.Thompson

 Invasion Of Zululand ; Sonia Clarke

Zululand At War ; Sonia Clarke

From Midshipman To Field Marshall ; Evelyn Wood ( this book would make a fantastic movie or mini series ! )

The Red Earth - The R.E And The AZW ; RE Museum ,

A Sketch Of The Kafir And Zulu Wars - Quadana to Isandlwana ; Henry Hallam Parr ( It was Parr who took delivery of Pulleine's Msge about 9.30 am on the 22nd Jan )

The Battle Of Ulundi ; J.Leband

A Brief History Of The 13th Regt P.A.L.I. In South Africa

Transvaal And Zulu Difficulties 1877-79 ( 1880 ) ; Edward .D. Mctoy ( A Pte in the Regt )

Precis' Of Information Concerning The Zulu Country - Prepared In The Intelligence Branch Of The QMG's Dept , Horse Guards , War Office ; Anon .

The Road To Ulundi - Paintings Of J.N Cealock

A Soldier - Artist In Zululand ; David Rattray .


My latest acquisition to my library The 1879 Zulu War through the eyes of The Illustrated London News, compiled by Ron Lock & Peter Quantrill foreword by David Rattray. 9/2/15.


A Lost Legionary in South Africa - Colonel G. Hamilton-Browne "Maori Browne"

A Staffordshire regiment in the Zulu & Sekukuni campaigns of 1879 by Robert Hope ISBN: 1904546080
ISBN-13: 9781904546085 

A widow making war the life and death of a British officer in Zululand, 1879 ISBN-10: 0952148803
ISBN-13: 978-0952148807

Blood on the painted mountain by Lock & Quantrill ISBN10: 1853672017  ISBN13: 9781853672019 

Brave Mens Blood by Ian Knight

British Forces In Zululand by Ian Knight ISBN: 9781855321090 

British Fortifications in Zululand by I. Knight ISBN: 1-84176-829-4

British Infantryman in South Africa 1877-81 by Ian Castle ISBN: 9781841765556

Buller The Scapegoat

By Orders of the Great White Queen ISBN-10: 1853671223 / ISBN-13: 978-1853671227

Campaigning in South Africa 1879 - Reminiscenes of a officer in 1879 Capt. W.E. Montague 94th

Commandant of the Transvaal - The life and career of Gen. Sir Hugh Rowlands VC, KCB

Companion to the AZW by I.Knight ISBN-10: 1844158012 ISBN-13: 978-1844158010

Crossing The Buffalo River by Adrian Greaves

England's Sons by J. Whybra

Eyewitness in Zululand - The campaign reminiscences of Col. W.A. Dunne S.A. 1877-1881

Fearful hard times by I. Knight

Field Guide to the war in Zululand by Thompson & Laband

For Queen & Country - The Zulu war diary of Lt. Wilfred Heaton by Rodney Ashwood

General Sir Redvers Buller VC GCB GCMG 1839-1908 The Peoples General

Harford - The writings, photograph's and sketches

How can man die better by M. Snook ISBN: 1-85367-656-X

If you're reading this.... Letters from the front line

In Zululand with the British army by Norris-Newman

Isandlwana The Bitter Zulu Victory

Moodies Zulu war by DCF Moodie

Narrative of the field operations connected with the Zulu war of 1879

Natal Carbineers 1855-1911

Padre George Smith of Rorke's Drift

Rope of Sand by Laband ISBN 13: 9781868420230
ISBN 10: 186842023X

Rorke's Drift 1879 Anatomy Of An Epic Zulu War Siege by Edmund Yorke

Rorke's Drift by James W Bancroft

Rorke's Drift by those who were there by Jones and Stevenson ISBN: 0954196317 / 0-9541963-1-7 

Running the Gauntlet - George Mossop

Studies in the Zulu 1879 part 1 - by J. Whybra

Studies in the Zulu 1879 part 2 - by J. Whybra

The Anglo Zulu war - The correspondants by Laband & Knight

The Curling Letters of the Zulu War by Best & Greaves ISBN: 1844151425 / 1-84415-142-5

The Guthrie Saga

The Illustrated Guide To The Anglo Zulu War John Laband & Paul Thompson

The Mounted Police of Natal ISBN-10: 0857063863 /ISBN-13: 978-0857063861

The national army museum book of the Zulu war by I. Knight

The Naval Brigade In South Africa during the Kafir & Zulu Wars 1877-1879

The Noble 24th by Norman Holme

The Red Book Natal Press Reports Of The Zulu War by Ron Lock ASIN: B002HWZMOI

The Red Soldier by Frank Emery ISBN: 0340206721 / 0-340-20672-1

The road to Isandlwana by Phillip Gon ISBN: 0949937657 / 0-949937-65-7

The Road to Isandlwana:Colonel Anthony Durnford by RWF Droogleever ISBN: 1853671185

The South African campaign of 1879 by Shadbolt ISBN: 0903754029 / 0-903754-02-9

The Zulu Army and Zulu Headmen

The Zulu War A Pictorial History

The Zulu War Angus McBride Osprey 57

The Zulu War by Michael Barthorp

Through the Zulu Country by B. Mitford ISBN-10: 1853671169 / ISBN-13: 9781853671166

Uniforms & Weapons of the Zulu War by Christopher Wilkinson-Latham ISBN-10: 0882544594
ISBN-13: 978-0882544595

What Happened To The Heroes?

Who' Who In The Anglo Zulu War Vol 1

Who' Who In The Anglo Zulu War Vol 2 Colonials & Zulu's

With his face to the foe by I. Knight ISBN: 1868421198 / 1-86842-119-8

With the Irregulars in the Transvaal and Zululand by W.H. Tomasson

Zulu - The heroism and tragedy of the Zulu war of 1879 by Saul David

Zulu Battle Piece - Isandlwana by Sir Reginald Coupland

Zulu Frontiersman by Major C.G. Dennison

Zulu Rising by I. Knight ISBN-10: 1405091851 / ISBN-13: 978-1405091855

Zulu The Battle for Rorke's Drift 1879 by Edmund York

Zulu The Heroism and Tragedy of the Zulu War of 1879 by Saul David

Zulu victory by Lock & Quantrill ISBN: 9781853676451

Zulu War - Volunteers, Irregulars & Auxiliaries Osprey Men at Arms 388

This is by no means the definitive list of Zulu war publications, this is my own present collection. There are lots of other great publications in the market place and some I still wish to add to my own collection.  I get a lot of my inspiration for making models from these books, based on real people and real events in the Zulu war.



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