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Royal Artillery. - "Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt Ubique"

The RA officers on campaign wore the blue patrol jacket, it fastened down the front with hook and eyes and olivets. The jacket was bordered with a 1" black mohair braid. The were five rows of flat plait mohair across the chest, the plait ended in crow's foot knots and olivets. The cuff was edged in black mohair braid ending in a crow's foot knot. On the rear of the patrol jacket the seams had crow's foot knot at either end and sets of bullet hole eyes at equal distance from the crow's foot. The collar was edged in wide black braid and did not have any rank insignia. The trousers were also blue with a 2" red scarlet stripe down the seam. The head wear would have been the white foreign service helmet stained, dyed or pipe clayed. The undress head wear would have been either the forage cap or glengarry. Officers undress sword belt was white with two sword slings and a gilt regimental plate.


The rank and file of the RA would have worn the five button blue undress frock. The collar was red and edged in yellow worsted piping around the bottom. The epaulettes were also edged all around in yellow piping and carried the brigade number and yellow embroided grenade. N.C.O.'s rank chevrons were gold and sergeants and above had gold worsted chevrons.

The other ranks tunic was also worn and was similar to the undress frock but had nine buttons down the front. It was piped in scarlet red and the red collar was edged around the bottom with a yellow worsted piping. The cuffs had the Austrian knot design in yellow. The epaulettes were piped in red and the regimental number and grenade embroided in yellow. Chevrons were gold lace. N.C.O.'s by regulations would have worn a white O.R. sword belt, but it was common for these to be brown with leather revolver holsters. The trousers were dark blue with a broad scarlet red stripe down the seam. The leggings and boots were black.



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