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120mm Zulu Warrior

120mm Zulu Warrior

This a 120mm Zulu warrior in full flight on the front foot in a dynamic fighting attacking pose. He represents a married warrior sporting the classic isiCoco head ring and short beard. He wears around his neck the isiQu, the necklace of valour usually made from things like jackals teeth and coloured pieces of wood. 
The clothing is the war kilt, inSimba from genet or iNsimango from monkey tails, both types were used and the iBeshu, a loin cloth made from springbok hide at the rear. He also wears the amashoba, the white cow tails below the knees and on the upper arms. On the right forearm is the inGxotha, which is a brass armband presented by the King for outstanding service or bravery.
He carries in the right hand the iklwa (or assegai) short flat bladed stabbing spear. In the left hand he has the ishilunga Zulu war shield made from cow hide.

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    This is a 120mm scale figure. The kit is cast in 14 grey resin pieces and requires assembly and painting. Not suitable for under 14 years of age due to small parts. The colour version was painted by the very talented Ron Clark.
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