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"Herja" 1/9 scale bust NOW SOLD TO BASH MODELS

"Herja" 1/9 scale bust NOW SOLD TO BASH MODELS


Titled "Herja" from the Old Norse meaning to "devastate" 


This a 1/9 scale resin bust cast in four parts, the torso, head, left arm and visor. The visor has the option to be left off completely or situated in the up or closed position depending on personal preference.

"This bust has so much potential for the painter".
"The detail is superb, with lots of textures for the painter to get to grips with, and the colour schemes are endless". Quote taken from Ron Clark's review on planet figure.


What will yours be?

Sci-fi, Bike Rider, Military, Futuristic Cop, Astronaut, Bounty Hunter!

The choice is yours



Out of Stock
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