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Useful reading and reference books for the Zulu war modeller.


In this section are some of my favourite fairly inexpensive books used for reference, model making and painting. This is by no way my definitive list, for my present personal collection see the books section. uSuthu.

Osprey - Zulu War, Volunteers, Irregulars & Auxiliaries.

Excellent book for Colonial uniform reference in the Anglo Zulu war, packed with descriptive text, illustrations and period photographs.

Uniforms & Weapons of the Zulu War.

Another excellent reference book which covers the Zulu's, Colonial and British forces in 1879.

Zulu 1816-1906

Excellent reference book for painting Zulu's, lots of illustrations and period photographs. Always worth having a copy in your collection.

The Zulus

Again another excellent inexpensive Zulu reference book to have in your collection.


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